Sunday, May 27, 2018

Why Philosophy - The Incompleteness of Science. 7(10) PL101

        The uses of Philosophy – The incompleteness of Science
To philosophize is to attempt to see in a coherent and meaningful vision the totality of my whole existence. It is a renewed effort to see the essential value and direction of my life. Ultimately to philosophize one must decide for wisdom of life. The purpose of the book must be clearly stated in those concluding remarks for the simple reason that a reader may ask why should he or she read such a book.
       Therefore the main reason why the book is written is the desire of the author to bring into clear spotlight the contemporary situation of so called Modern Man and the almost radical confusion in which  people living in the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty first century find themselves. The so  called modern situation of man is characterized by a tremendous confusion: the crisis in man’s search  for meaning. The technological developments, scientific progress in many areas, and the contribution of very many different cultures, belief, ideologies and the globalization creates probably the first time in human history an extraordinary confusion and bewilderment in many minds. There is a spreading   attitude of resignation and passive, very limited existence, and lack of courage and decision to serious  and determined desire for finding the truth of reality. In a way our time can be described as an escape from reason and fundamental, serious, and deep thinking. What is lacking in our Western culture is a sort of resignation of serious search for the
ultimate meaning of life


The Courage To
Think For Yourself

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