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book Leszek Figurski, Irena T. Ciszewska God or no God? Forthcoming Publication
book Leszek Figurski: Mikołaj Kopernik (łac. Nicolaus Copernicus), Drama in 6 acts, 1972
book Leszek Figurski, Finality and Intelligence University Press of America, Inc, 1987, ISBN:0­8191­0565­1
book Leszek Figurski, “Final Cause & Its Relation to Intelligence in St. Thomas. Aquinas”, Dissertation,
book Fordham University (1977), possibly published in The Review of Metaphysics, Vol. 31, No. 1, Sep., 1977
book Leszek Figurski, “Efficient Cause in Immanuel Kant,” Fordham University Press, Bronx, NY 1969 I
book Leszek Figurski , “Des Petrus Bekenntniss und Schlussel,” Philosophical Faculty Press, Krakow, Poland 1967

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