Friday, February 17, 2017

Modern Philosophy - Life with a purpose - recordings by Prof. Leszek Figurski, Ph.D

Modern Philosophy

Tutoring in: Theology and Religions of the World: Introduction and analysis of three monotheistic religions: Islam, Judaism and Christianity also Islam and Buddhism. These three religions are based on the fundamental facts that there is one God, that this One God revealed Himself somehow to humans, and that this God as Creator has absolute claims on humans. Q/A Are you calling yourself a Christian or are you a Christian?. What do you know about Christ? What place does religion play in your life If any ? Did you ever think seriously about these questions? Let’s explore them together it may help you to find your personal vision.

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  • Discussion and review of important passages
  • Assistance in organizing and completing selected topics
  • Tutoring: in Latin. English as a second language
In our modern times, religious belief is often under severe criticism. Materialism, Atheism, Scientism and Scepticism are spreading. Since there are many religions it is said that religious truth is relative therefore it is useless to search for religious truth. Any serious interest in religion is considered as irrational attitude.Q/A Is this statement Valid? The only way to find an answer is study what religion is and also your own personal beliefs. Without it there is no possibility of understanding the place and importance of religion for human beings. Everyone is bound to search and investigate the truth. Let’s us do it together.

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Odwaga krytycznego myslenia: W poszukiwaniu sensu zycia (Nook book) Polish

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According to Socrates, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” We believe in encouraging intellectual curiosity and enhancing cognitive capabilities. Take a look to learn more about our comprehensive range of services and publications.Take a Look

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