Thursday, May 26, 2016

God or no God - Conclusion 4/4 (PL101)

Philosophical Thoughts and Reflections for Everyone: Life with a purpose - recordings by Prof. Leszek Figurski, Ph.D
uploaded: by Distance Professional Learning 
Prof. Leszek Figurski has taught as at St.Peters College/University (1985-2014). This lecture corresponds with philosophy's course Pl-101 focused on exploring the meaning of life and the traditional western conceptions of God . The question of the meaning of life is not one of those questions that require a specific answer. It is the duty of each individual to search for truth and the meaning of existence. Thinking seriously and with perseverance is difficult. It requires the determination to question the most fundamental convictions and beliefs accepted very often without any reflection or critical evaluation. To question those assumptions requires courage because it involves risk…For example the question “Does God exist or not,” and intelligent answer to it may put one’s life literally upside down and revolutionize one’s whole personality one’s values, and actions to the last moments of one’s life. Closing Questions for Review: If you don’t believe in God, what would convince you that he does exist? If you believe in God, what would convince you that he does not exist? Does Science Make God Obsolete ?

Books: The Courage to Think for Yourself: The Search for Truth and the Meaning of Human Life and Intelligence: Is the Universe Designed? ISBN/978-3-639-89063-1 Visit Amazon's Leszek Figurski Page Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Odwaga krytycznego myslenia: W poszukiwaniu sensu zycia (Nook book) Polish ISBN/ 9788378592853

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