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The Courage to Think For Yourself - The Search for Truth and the Meaning of Human Life, University Press of America: 2012 ISBN 978-0-7618-5901-7

The book is written in order to point out the indispensable duty of every human being to decide for a reflective and searching attitude in life and to concentrate the whole courage one is capable of in the search for truth about the possible meaning of one’s life.
In Part One the author stresses the absolute necessity of the effort mentioned above if one wants to find the meaning, destiny and the place in the scheme of reality. In Part Two the author gives a brief statement about the nature of man, human knowledge and possibility of superficial and erroneous thinking. The final chapter entitled: Roads leading to nowhere is a warning against skepticism and unjustified limitations of the powers of the human mind which in a way of speaking may lead to a sort of “mental                                      suicide.”

                  I found the book: The Courage to Think For Yourself to be extremely awakening. It shines a spotlight on the lack of thought and meaning that most people carry through their lives, including myself at times.

                   The Courage to Think for Yourself. It is important to reflect once in a while  and reevaluate our priorities. We can strengthen our minds by doing so. Often we are so set in our ways that we are like robots, forgetting  that we need to give our brains a “tune-  up.” There are endless distractions in our day to day lives, most of which are complete nonsense,  yet we dedicate our time and energy to these things. It’s important to challenge our-self  and question our existence. Reflection allows us to reinvent ourselves in our way of thinking. 
                                                                                                                – Caithlyn  H.

                  We indeed do need courage to think because as the author states in the conclusion quite simply : in order for man to realize his own destiny he or she needs the courage to think for himself. This same theme is also mentioned in the Preface of the book: “Passion for truth,  determination and courage are inevitable  duties of every honest person.” Those statements lay the framework for the reasoning  why we need the courage  to think for ourselves. The beauty of these statements is that they can be read and interpreted in different ways and different levels. One does not need to be a philosopher  to realize that we as humans need to have meaning in our lives, otherwise why should life be worth living at all? It is not until we begin to think for ourselves that we can start our journey to search for truth and fulfill our human destiny. 

                                                                                                                       –Henry G.

                     I must begin by saying that this book  is a must to read for everyone. I believe the what the author is saying and agree with the view in this book. … It gave me insight and awareness in terms that I realized that certain things in my life have philosophical solution and insight why certain people behave in their ways in life. When I was a small boy,  my aunt used to say  that my  favorite  words were  what and why always. What is this, what is that and so on. But as Aristotle said already centuries ago that every human being desires to know by nature and seeks answers.  

                                                                                                                      - Ch. Ok

                      Courage to Think for Yourself? Many questions immediately are raised  here, and as Socrates would say " an  unexamined  life is not worth living.”   In fact when you think about it you are philosophizing! One of the things  that separates humans from other animals is the ability  to ask questions like the one mentioned above.  Thinking is hard to do and as it turns out  we only use small portion of our brain capacity to think. Many people go through life adopting the  culture , believes and even religion in their immediate surroundings because it is easy and it requires little effort. Marketers know this and they sell it to us. Oppressive governments know this too and they censure  the dissemination of true information, closing off avenue to thought. This is why it is so important to be open minded and evaluate  what is being fed into us -  otherwise we are directed , manipulated and enslaved by others.  


                      We have a mind to think for ourselves  and for our own decision making. I agree  with the book, The Courage to Think for Yourself,  by   Leszek Figurski. .A human does not have to live a life for pleasure seeking nor should we live our life on earth  for others. We are born with a mind and ability to think for ourselves and make the right choices in life. To live a meaningful and rewarding reflective life a person must develop some qualities and habits necessary in the philosophical search for meaning and truth. It also is a goal and aim towards which we should be moving during our lifetime. 

                                                                                                                    - A.S

                         Reading the book really made me think. I am a person that does not think very much for myself . I always ask someone what do you think I should do about it? Or what do you think about it. I get manipulated  in to doing things I really should not do, nor do I want really to do. I came to realize that I need to start   thinking for myself. I started meditation, and It really works. I don’t have anyone now manipulating me anymore. I think now for myself and for my own decision. 

                                                                                                                     - A.D.

                     To start with , if one does not have the courage to think for oneself one becomes  a follower instead of a leader and one gets lost in the everyday mundane existence of just going through life but not really living.  Having the courage to think for yourself  and to act on those thoughts takes commitment  on many levels. You have to take time and think ideas to the end .  Only then  you can follow your own goals and determine your own conduct in matters which are important for you. The power of independent thinking  is what makes us humans and defines humans among other species living on this planet. 

                                                                                                                     -  E. MB.

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About the Author

             Leszek Figurski, M.A., Th.L, Ph.D., studied theology and philosophy at Gregorian University in Rome, Italy and received his doctorate in philosophy   from Fordham University, New York. He taught philosophy and theology at Mercy College, Felician College, Seton Hall University , St. Peter's University, New Jersey. Over the years he prepared students to pass various admission tests, helping students in writing on different philosophy/theology papers.   He helps students to understand  the fundamental philosophical  concepts, logic, critical thinking, ethics.He also teaches Latin, German , English languages He teaches online worldwide or   face to face in Manhattan, New York. He is the author of many articles published online. His other books: Finality and Intelligence . Is the Universe Designed ? He is co-author with Irena Ciszewska  of the book in Polish language: Odwaga krytycznego myślenia. W poszukiwaniu sensu życia. Currently he is working on the  book: God or no God. Did Science Make Believe in God Obsolete?  

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