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Atheism and It's Consequences for Human Existence. Visit my page:


          It seems that in our times atheism is spreading and becomes in some circles almost the fashionable  way of speaking and living. One hears more and more : I am an agnostic and an atheist. One wonders however whether those who  speak as atheists really considered  the meaning of the word and also  the consequences of  honest and serious atheistic attitude.

        Of course the  fundamental  question here remains whether atheism is  in any way  true . Only if  one seriously considers the fundamental questions of human existence  and  one does it with courage and persistence is some insight  into truth available to man.
              If one  observes the  human ability to know  and  the  philosophical  persistence and  reaching  the  transcendent being  and  later the revelation of  a religious tradition  one is entitled to consider one ‘self a true seeker for meaning. Of course any  mentioning of meaning  is justified  only  within the context of some religious belief.

                   Atheism is based on  the denial of an serious metaphysical reflections it  refuses  to use  the full  power and abilities of  the unconquerable  human mind. Atheism must therefore accept  materialistic  interpretation of all reality including human beings. Nothing exists for an atheist but only matter in movement. The universe is an immensity of unified forces, of impersonal, blind and ultimately chaotic, material phenomena. The immensity of the universe transcends any understanding or  imagination. Atheism does not acknowledge any kind of  personal creator, of course it is atheism and not theism. 
                     Man is an accidental  speck of  living matter  and  he/she appears  accidentally , exists  not knowing why and  disappears also often accidentally although necessarily  in death . Death is as nonsensical as birth because both have no  durable meaning at all. A human being is only one of the  millions of other living forms   living on this globe and  the most murderous.   With a little higher degree of  sagacity  he/she lives on the rest of  animals life: Hundreds and thousands of animals are killed every day to feed  the human animals . For an atheist this is  a difficult  problem to solve  why the human life is  more important  life  than the life of any other living thing: a fly, a mosquito. or a bacteria, not to talk about such  living giants like dinosaurs. If  human being  is nothing but matter  then atheism abolishes  completely the personality of man .


            Because  man is nothing else but  as David Hume mentioned  a bundle of perceptions.

            There is no  self, conscious , human self , there is no  knowledge of  freedom of choice or  any  purpose of preferring  one action over another . Atheism abolishes  the importance of  conscious and  moral values . If there is no God  as Dostoyevsky mentioned,  then everything is allowed. This means , that there is no higher authority above man facing which  one would feel responsible or accountable for one’s mode of living actions or any other  idol  which would govern my life. Nothing is  anymore sacred , holy allowed or forbidden . Each one  is  his/her own  lawgiver  and creator of moral values. Therefore no one should be really de-facto condemned or praised for any action or mode of behavior.

 There is only one drive in the human animal: survival on all costs, because  nothing else matters. Atheists  should not  condemn or praise anyone in human history, whether  it be  an Adolf Hitler , Joseph Stalin or  Jesus Christ on the cross asking   God:  

 " Father forgive them for they do not know what they do."

Atheistic  attitude   abolishes  any  ground for talk about human dignity because there is none left, for man is an animal and  there is no reason why he/she should be somehow honored  as higher   or better.

            When man gets older , sick and weaker closer to his death, he/she becomes  a nonsense a useless burden  for others and  his/her meaningless suffering is best solved  by  disposing of him/her. So euthanasia , special exterminating hospitals  and  such methods as were employed by the Hitler’s hordes in XXth  century  already practiced on a very large scale. After all such  ways of extermination of  undesirable  persons  are very efficient  methods to  make room for  some  higher chosen race. The German term was Herenvolk ( the nation of lords) .

            Is what I am saying here an exaggeration?  No , I don’t think so because it was  practiced in many forms  during the history  of humans on this globe and there is no  reason  to doubt that in some form or other it will appear again and perhaps in far more terrible way then it appeared so far.
          It is  interesting  how  an atheist faces those  consequences mentioned  of his/her atheism , a specially  when he/she gets  sick, old and close to death. Death  for atheist   is  a  final  annihilation  of  man’s life forever. All His/her  hopes, dreams , projects and aspiration are simply  extinguished forever like blowing out the flame of  a burning candle.
        No meaning, no future, no eternal life of any kind , no values worth mentioning and  a brief accidental  existence and  fast disappearance  into nothingness . Atheists  of course create their own idols and values : many people  put their meaning of life  in procreation, having children. They  believe that in their children they themselves somehow will endure after their physical demise. This is a nice thought but  unfortunately self- deceptive  because  no matter how many children I have I myself will die and thy after living their lives will also die . This cycle will repeat it self,  but  if I am dead I will not even  remember or  in any way  be conscious of my past life because there will be no more me.
“ What does it profit a man if the gains the  whole world but loses his soul.”   
                                                                                             Jesus Christ.

            Of course  atheism is  everybody’s choice   . Everyone has  the duty to Himself/herself if not to any other to  seek  for  the  right answers , for the ultimate questions.
          There are very  sound and valid arguments pointing to the existence of the Transcendent , Infinite Being  giving  a rational foundation  for  belief  in God on the philosophical level. There also exists  solid , valid historical fact of God’s revelation of Himself and His plans for mankind in human history.
          We can paraphrase  the  saying of  Hamlet: to be in eternity or not to be for eternity.
                                                                                            Leszek Figurski

                          Suggesting readings :

Hartshorne,Charles and Reese, L.William, Philosophers Speak of God, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago & London: 

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